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Quintell (Quintell of Ohio, LLC) was established in 2002 by the founders and principals of Quintell: Joseph Gorman, Jerry Bohinc, Dale Shapiro and Dr. Peter Staudhammer.

Its purpose is to validate the feasibility and effectiveness of long dwell passive sensing for detecting Special Nuclear Material (SNM) in cargo by developing, validating and implementing various applications of the Offshore Detection Integrated System (ODIS). ODIS is a homeland defense system designed to prevent the unauthorized movement of SNM and nuclear weapons using the international land, air and sea cargo transportation systems.

Various applications of ODIS have been developed for sea and air cargo containers, including: seaODIS, portODIS and airODIS. Other applications such as truck and rail cargo applications are also feasible. ODIS variants takes advantage of two key concepts:

  1. Each makes use of the long time available during transit for extended sensing times.
  2. Small, wireless sensors are attached to cargo containers rather than moving cargo containers to sensing stations.

Extended sensing times result in substantially improved counting statistics, leading to improved signal to background performance. Attaching sensors to cargo produces an extremely flexible system enabling substantial operational scaling capabilities and cost advantages for both freight operators and governments. Other features of ODIS, such as built in redundancy and sensor arrays, provide additional operational advantages.

Quintell currently has working relationships with Northrop Grumman Corporation, Nucsafe, Saint Gobain and the University of Florida; and is supported in this work by the Department of Energy. Quintell is interested in other working relationships that further the objectives of the company.

Quintell owns numerous US patents on the above technologies and has filed applications for international patents in selected countries. The names airODIS, seaODIS, portODIS, railODIS and truckODIS are copyrighted 2011; and ODIS is a US trademark.



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